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At Onyx Design Collaborative, we believe the process of designing your home should be enriching, revelatory, and deeply rewarding. We strive to strike a perfect balance in being both genuinely personable and perfectly professional. This blend results in exceptional working relationships and exquisitely coordinated, highly refined results with a process that is a pleasure for all involved.


Onyx Design Collaborative offers three distinguishing characteristics that will make our interior architecture and design firm your perfect fit.


We are the full package. Armed with exhaustive education and extensive industry experience, our team marries book and street smarts to deliver the comprehensive expertise for your project. We find the line between beauty and benefit, ensuring your plan is as sensible as it is superb.

We go above and beyond. In all things. In all ways. We are relentless in our pursuit of client satisfaction. From reveling in details to facing complex questions, our team excels at critical thinking, troubleshooting, and prioritizing to ensure we exceed your highest expectations.

We are on your side. Your design project is about you. Our job is to listen to your ideas, inspirations, questions, and concerns before ultimately becoming your fiercest advocate in bringing your vision to fruition. Beyond design, we believe in educating, encouraging and empowering our clients every step of the way.  


Our relationships are built on foundations of transparency and trust; therefore, we are not shy about sharing our pricing model and fee structure. Our Principal Designer rates start at $175 per hour and our projects average $450/sqft for build price.


In line with industry standards, we also include a purchasing fee of 20% added to all interior architecture materials, such as decorative lighting or tile, and a 35% purchasing fee added to all interior design materials ordered by our firm.


Leveraging our industry network and connections, we will work to order as much as possible through wholesale channels to best leverage your investment.


As a practice, Onyx Design Collaborative will put together a custom quote and plan for you based on your vision, priorities, timeline, and budget.


Contact us for your consultation or to learn more about our process and fee structure.

Fee Structure
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