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Founded in 2017, Onyx Design Collaborative is the shared vision and lifelong dream of soul-sisters Emily Cox and Michelle Suddeth to create a life they love on their terms designing remarkable residential spaces.


Although there was plenty of pretty popping up across town, the duo couldn’t help but notice a reservation to bring on interior design expertise and inherently trust the process. Based in fears bred by rumor or a product of personal experience, patrons seemed hesitant to break ground.


There had to be another approach - one that focused on curating a relationship and establishing the trust that would facilitate bringing the vision to fruition from start to finishes.


In true form, these ladies decided to make a new measure for the interior decor and design experience.  


Enter the Onyx Standard, a novel approach and client promise built on core values of transparency, honesty, reliability, dependability, and structure.


Their mission was to go beyond delivering awe-inspiring design by educating, advocating for and ultimately empowering clients to cultivate and create their luxe life.


To date, the firm has enjoyed elevating an array of Lowcountry properties from Kiawah Island to historic downtown Charleston along with taking their talents as far as San Francisco, CA.


Nestled in The Circle, Onyx Design Collaborative is proud to provide a shared all-female co-working space and studio dedicated to like-minded expertise including fellow architects, interior designers, furnishing specialists and more.




An award-winning designer with an extensive background in architecture and interiors, Emily believes that well-designed spaces should be a personal and meaningful embodiment of the client. Whether managing a high-end hospitality project or transforming a waterfront family home, Emily’s work is fueled by collaboration and communication. As the eldest of six children, her innate diplomatic problem-solving skills make her a trusted and driven liaison for all her clients.


Prior to launching Onyx Design Collaborative, Emily was the founder and sole practitioner of ECOX Creative. She also spent several years as the Director of Interiors for the Anderson Studio and spearheaded interiors for Red Charrette Architects. Over the course of her 15-year career, she has managed over 35 million dollars of highly custom home projects, a number of which have garnered AIA awards, regional and national press, and a feature in the book Contemporary Southern Homes. Emily holds a BS and Master’s in Architecture from Clemson University.


Known for her contemporary classic style, she creates spaces that are tailored with an edge, drawing inspiration from history, art and travel. Leveraging her experience studying in Italy and Barcelona along with her in-depth knowledge of architecture, Emily brings a unique understanding of the classics and character of each wall, surface, and structure she touches.


Hailing from the small town of Mullins, South Carolina, Emily made her way to the Lowcountry as fast as she could. Though she loves daily life in downtown Charleston, Emily is currently daydreaming about exploring a side street in a distant land in search of something delicious, while wearing an old jean jacket and a pair of Chuck Taylors.



An accomplished interior designer, Michelle’s work is driven by the philosophy that spaces should be dictated by what you love, not by trends. With that ethos in mind, she works tirelessly to create spaces that perfectly match her clients’ lifestyles, seamlessly blending high style and comfort. From resort projects to custom homes, Michelle brings an eye for the eclectic, a client-centered approach, and a passion for creating the best experience imaginable, both during the process and through the final design.


Sought after for her collected and layered style, Michelle is an expert at pairing meaningful antiques and vintage pieces alongside modern and colorful touches. As a child, she was constantly inspired by her grandmother's stylish fashion sense and collection of classic vintage furniture. Today, she draws creative inspiration from the plethora of visual treasures in Charleston, from the Lowcountry landscape to the patina on a weather-worn copper light fixture.


Prior to launching Onyx Design Collaborative, Michelle spent over a decade working in prominent design roles. Namely, she served as Director of Interiors with Anderson Studio of Architecture & Design, as the Creative Director for Affinity Management Group, and as a senior designer for several boutique residential firms across the Lowcountry. Michelle holds a BS in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee, with a focus in architecture and interior design.


A native of the neon-clad coastal town of Myrtle Beach, Michelle grew up visiting Charleston often and knew she would someday make the Holy City her home. When she isn't working, she enjoys spending time with her husband Jake at the beach or hiding away in the mountains. She’s a self-described amateur painter, true-crime podcast fan, and animal enthusiast.

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